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Your Participation

‘One candle could light thousands of candles without diminishing its own light’

As rightly said in the famous saying the your generous contributions will add to ensure access to safety, nutrition, education and health facilities to who are less fortunate than you and me. Hence, we would greatly appreciate your contributions in hard earned money, precious time and honest efforts for this worthy course.

For instance, if you have a computer or a related electronic device which is not being used, we can repair and use it for benefit of the children in need in our class rooms. In the same way you can donate stationary and books which are relevant for children, to our library.

This would definitely brighten your life with a feeling of contentment while helping thousands of children who strive to smile through their tears. Please be ensured that your contributions will reach the right people sans intermediates and we will post you with our income and expenditure statements annually as required.

In addition to that we could make the necessary arrangements for you come and see the implementation of our projects which are generously funded by you as per your request.

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

The CRC has established an effective mechanism over the years to pave the way for the donors to help the needy children and women of Sri Lanka. Being a international or local donor agency, a private sector company, a government body or an individual you are much welcome to partner with us to carry out numerous projects towards the enhancement of the quality of life of the said communities.

With more than 100 Community Based Organizations located across the country including the war affected Northern and Eastern provinces, our staff possess the essential administration and implementation skills by working with internationally reputed donors over the years.

So if your ambition is to truly help these communities efficiently and productively, the Child Rehabilitation Canter would a smart choice that would ensure total satisfaction of sharing and caring.

To proceed with your partnership process please call our corporate team on; +94(0)77-3605585

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Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child

‘You can be the difference between happiness and sorrow for them’

Sri Lanka as a country which was affected by a 30year long drawn war and considerable percentage of people live below the poverty line has numerous children who exploited both physically and mentally. The lack of nutrition, education and hygiene for children is a burning issue which the governments are not in a position to handle single handedly.

This is where your assistance matters most. By sponsoring a child you could brush away his or her tears and bring a smile to their faces. Since children are the most precious lives on earth you will not only be helping an individual to grow but also contributing towards the progress of the entire mankind.

You Can Make A Difference. The Decision Is Yours.

Giving as believed by many people is the ultimate joy of life; it becomes more meaningful when you give without any expectation. The young ones that we are concerned about are in a dire need for your help. They need your helping hand to stand up and enjoy life’s wonderful opportunities. Just be by their side when they need you most.

To assure you that your donations are channeled for the welfare of a particular child, we send you a photograph and background information of the child that you sponsor. In addition to that you will receive annual progress reports related to the child by which you will have a clear idea about his or her social, health and academic development. Going another step forward you can letters to the child and keep in touch regularly. We too encourage the children to keep in touch with you the sponsor via snail mail or even email. If you would like to visit the child / children personally that you do sponsor, please let us know in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements for same.

The selection criteria for sponsorship of children will be based on their under privileged situation coupled with academic excellence. The ethnicity, religion, race or gender will not be taken into account in the process.

Become a Fundraiser

Become a Fundraiser

‘A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.’

Those who wish to raise funds for the Child Rehabilitation Centre can organize fundraising events on their choice. You can organize an event to raise funds and help the children, women and young people who are in most need. Fundraising for CRC Sri Lanka means that you are helping the CRC to continue its’ great humanitarian works towards the betterment of the children,women and young people who are unable to manage themselves.

Buy a product from CRC Online Shop and start your fundraising campaign or get registered with and raise funds for Child Rehabilitation Centre Sri Lanka.

Sponsor A Special Event

Sponsor A Special Event

You can sponsor a special event that we have planned, or raise funds to put into action a project we have

Link Our Website

Link Our Website

If you have your private home page or other private internet appearance you can support CRC Sri Lanka by placing a link to our websites. With this link you can raise awareness of our work on behalf of children & women in need.

You could, for example, use one of the following HTML syntax:

<a ref="">Children's Charity Sri Lanka</a> <a ref="">Child Rehabilitation Centre Sri Lanka</a>

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