Child Rehabilitation Centre

What we do

To protect the rights of children CRC is operated covering 5 critical areas;

  •   Healthy Start in Llife ( HEALTH)

  •   Quality Education (BETTER EDUCATION)

  •   Protective Environments For Children (PROTECTION)

  •   Household Economic Security for Children’s Well-Being (STABLE INCOME FOR PARENTS)

  •   Child-Centered Disaster Risk Management (NETWORKING FOR RISK MANAGEMENT)

Healthy Start in Llife ( HEALTH)

Improving the nutritional standards and development of the children under 5 years is our main focus and our target groups are children, female adolescents, women of reproductive age and pregnant women who are in need of assistance.

Quality Education (BETTER EDUCATION)

Providing equal access to acceptable education services and creating conductive environment for school and pre school children from age 3 to 14 is one of our priorities. In addition to that we strive to improve water supply, sanitation and hygiene facilities in schools and neighborhoods of children. In the meantime we grant scholarships to skilled students with financial difficulties to complete their masters degrees and we partner Hein Kolk Scholarship fund in the process.

Household Economic Security for Children’s Well-Being (STABLE INCOME FOR PARENTS)

The aim of this program is to empower underprivileged women with financial assistance in the forms of loans and other aid in order to ensure household economic security which plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of children. This would ultimately contribute to create a socially sustainable community whose skills are best used in their journey towards prosperity.

Protective Environments For Children (PROTECTION)

We continuously address the issues related to the vulnerability of children to violence and abuse by close relatives, teachers and outsiders. Our commitment is to assure a free and fair childhood for all the children I the country regardless of their economic or social capacities. To get this purpose well and truly served the CRC is engaged in capacity building of child-protection committees to establish a national level mechanism for the protection of its children.

Child-Centered Disaster Risk Management (NETWORKING FOR RISK MANAGEMENT)

Children form an integral part in the disaster management process of a country. To make them enable to identify risks and face the challenges CRC Sri Lanka joined hands with relevant government entities as well as other social welfare organizations.