Child Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to the Child Rehabilitation Centre

We are a non-political and non-religious non profit organization which provides comprehensive support to women and children who are helpless and under privileged. Our efforts lead towards building confidence in them to step into the society once again empowered with the capability to make their own lives and the lives of the others better and secure. In our journey towards ensuring a better future for a child in need we focus on areas such as protection, nutrition, education and health.

In a world where the economic development and progress is achieved at stake of environment we are proud to insist on the importance of environmental protection through all our educational programs.

So joining hands with individuals and families, our partners and our sponsors we maintain a center of excellence for the rehabilitation of these individuals in need by providing an array of services which include education, research, direct service and conducting numerous projects and programs that are exclusively developed and implemented to perfection by us.


Donate: It’s a gift of a life time to a needy child!

There are many ways for you to get involved in our campaigns, fund raisers, and programs. Take action now! If you, your family, your friends, your schools, your church, or your community groups are compassionate about the world’s impoverished children and are looking for ways to help, find out now! 100% of your donations or the funds you help raise are used directly to aid needy children. At CRC Sri Lanka, nothing is wasted or misappropriated.

Think Twice: Do not just let them be nobody’s babies

In 1989, governments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. These rights are based on what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and fulfill their potential. They apply equally to every child, regardless of who they are, or where they are from.
Every day these rights are denied. Millions of children are dying from preventable diseases. Millions more don’t go to school, or have food, shelter and clean water. Children are subjected to violence, abuse and discrimination, and go unheard. This is wrong.

Honesty and Integrity is 100% Guaranteed

Where the money goes? Committed volunteers keep costs & expenses down. 100% of your donations directly help the children & women.


Please be generous and donate to our humanitarian projects for your children who are in need of your support in your country. We assure you that your valued donations will not be misused or under utilized. We have no intermediates or brokers therefore you will be dealing directly with us. Your contributions whatever it may be will go directly into helping the needy, we guarantee this and would like to invite you to come and see what we do first hand. So please contribute towards this transparent charitable process.


Message from His Excellency the British High Commissioner (2006-2007)

Photo of British High Commissioner

I had the privilege and honour of visiting a multi-cultural event organised by the Child Rehabilitation Centre (CRC), Ampara in February 2007, along with Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Dr. Kim Howells. We saw the Tamil Hindu students performing their traditional Bharatha Natyam dance. There were many Muslim children who actively participated in the competitions. The fire dance performed by a group of Sinhalese students from a far away village in Ampara provided an opportunity not only for us but also for the many Tamil and Muslim residents of that area to understand the cultural values of the other community.

The valuable work done by the CRC in bringing children from different communities together to participate in competitions and events with the objective of promoting ideas for peaceful cohabitation deserves our appreciation and praise. I was impressed by the way kids from different communities had expressed their thoughts for peace through paintings, which were kept in an exhibition that we visited. Amidst tension and conflict in the war affected and tsunami devastated Ampara district, the work of organisations like the CRC gives everyone a chance to celebrate diversity and reinstate the hope that peace is not at all illusive at the grassroots level, provided the aspirations of these people are equally reflected by their respective leaders. I wish the Child Rehabilitation Centre all success in their future endeavours.

Dominick Chilcott
British High Commissioner
Sri Lanka.