Child Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to the Child Rehabilitation Centre

We are a non-political and non-religious non profit organization which provides comprehensive support to women and children who are helpless and under privileged. Our efforts lead towards building confidence in them to step into the society once again empowered with the capability to make their own lives and the lives of the others better and secure. In our journey towards ensuring a better future for a child in need we focus on areas such as protection, nutrition, education and health.

In a world where the economic development and progress is achieved at stake of environment we are proud to insist on the importance of environmental protection through all our educational programs.

So joining hands with individuals and families, our partners and our sponsors we maintain a center of excellence for the rehabilitation of these individuals in need by providing an array of services which include education, research, direct service and conducting numerous projects and programs that are exclusively developed and implemented to perfection by us.